Benefits of a Service Focused Company

Many business want to be the “go to company” for everything within their field. For example, let’s look at Website Design Services – who could potentially offer this service?¬† Graphic Designers, Ad Agencies, Printers, and IT Professionals.

All of these companies offer a multitude of marketing services and in many cases, added website design as a sideline. Are they more qualified then a company that offers only website design services? Maybe, maybe not.

The old saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” applies here. If your company needs a website, logo designed, brochures, TV ads, etc., you might think you should find a company that offers everything. The one stop shop is appealing, but will you get the best results¬† from a company that offers so many services? Unless they are a large company, with many employees, my guess is that they will not be up-to-date on all of their services. (With a large company you may lose the personal touch you are looking for and costs may be more) It might be best to find a couple of companies who each specialize in their particular areas of marketing. This way you end up with an overall marketing image that will be successful for your business.

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