Should I register several domain names?

I am often asked if clients should register a number of domain names for better search engine placement. My answer is maybe.

Just having several domain names pointing to one website will not increase rankings.

When you submit your site to the search engines, you are only submitting one domain name. If you submit more than one, search engines may feel you are spamming them by submitting several sites with the same content.

If you are going to create separate hosting accounts and different websites for each domain name, then yes, having several domain names can help. But be careful. If the search engines feel that the website content is too closely related to each other, they may not rank them. Or, they might consider them “mirrored sites” (sites with the exact same content), and ban all of them.

When might you have several domain names? One reason would be to protect a trademark. In this case you would want to secure as many domain names as possible.

Another reason would be when you want to protect your business name, but not use it as your main domain name. Let’s use Taco Bell as an example. They have the domain name but they also have Both take you to the same website, but is the one they use in their advertising.

If you are going to use a domain name that is different from your website, then you will want to select one that includes your search terms. Let’s say you sell wedding dresses. The name of your company is Dreams by Tammy and you have the domain name The business name and domain name do not say what you do. So you may want to have a domain name that is something like On search engines, when all else is equal, when someone searches for “wedding dresses” will be ranked higher than

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    I say always register multiple domain names. It always is a good idea for branding of your site and for people who cannot remember the domain extension.

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